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Want to feel like you used to – before your disease?

Get everything you need to stop your autoimmune symptoms… for good

✅ Follow the step-by-step simple approach to end the autoimmune attack and damage of your tissues

✅ Cook and eat easy, delicious, and nourishing meals in just minutes a day

✅ Use supportive lifestyle tools to prevent symptom flare-ups

✅ End the negative habits that cause symptoms

“I can’t believe how much better I feel and I just started this journey with you”

Lindsay J.


Just getting through the day is hard enough… how long will this go on? Is this how the rest of your life will be?

Perhaps you’ve been told that your labs are in the normal range and nothing is (physically) wrong with you. Or maybe your doctor has told you that taking medication is the only thing you can do.

Or heck, if you’re like a lot of my clients, your doctor wants to prescribe anti-depressants and/or anti-anxiety medication because it’s “all in your head.”

Maybe you’re losing hope that you’ll ever feel like yourself again and you’ll be stuck feeling your symptoms forever…

Here’s the thing… doctors address symptoms.

Have a headache? Take this drug. Have a rash? Use this cream. Have a hormonal imbalance? Take this hormone.


Why is your disease even happening in the first place?

Symptoms are merely the body’s way of crying out for help. Your body is telling you that something is wrong at a very deep level.

You can choose to ignore this, but do so at your own peril.

By the time autoimmune disease manifests into symptoms, you have chronic systemic inflammation (not good for a myriad of reasons), your gut is most likely damaged (leaky gut), and your immune system is so dysregulated that it’s LITERALLY ATTACKING ITSELF.

What part of that is good?

Yet, your doctor will have you believe that if you just take a prescription, you’re good to go and life is great.


Taking a drug for your Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism, insulin for T1 diabetes, or using a steroid to stop rashes won’t stop the underlying attack. It’s like playing wack-a-mole with your symptoms.

These merely address one side of the equation – but your body is still battling inflammation and unable to tell if your organ tissue is a part of your body or a really dangerous virus. Your organs will continue to be destroyed.


Do any of these apply to you? 👇

  • $You're sick of symptoms stopping you from enjoying life
  • $You worry that things are going to continue to get worse and that new symptoms will crop up at any moment
  • $Your doctor tells you nothing is wrong or that there's nothing you can do (other than take a prescription)
  • $Despite doing exactly what your doctor tells you to do, you still feel like crap
  • $You feel like the only one you know going through all of this and wish you could talk to someone who gets it

I’m here to tell you:

You are not alone, and it’s not your fault.

So if you’ve ever:

  • $Laid in bed, unable to sleep due to worry about what was happening
  • $Wondered how you were going to have enough energy to take a shower, much less do everything else you needed to do
  • $Felt like a burden to those around you
  • $Been resentful that your life was being robbed from you by your symptoms

and wondered “why is this happening to me?😩”

You’re the victim of 1.42 TRILLION dollar pharmaceutical industry who peddles drugs instead of looking for reasons.

… your doctor may truly wish you the best, but our healthcare system is messed up. BIG TIME.

If a solution doesn’t line the pockets of the pharma companies, lobbyists, or politicians, it most likely won’t make it to your doctor. And the insurance companies may not even ALLOW your doctor to share it with you!


So you’ve got to take matters into your own hands 👇

If you don’t address the chronic, systemic inflammation in your body, your leaky gut, and your dysregulated immune system that’s so confused it’s literally attacking itself, you’re leaving yourself open for more symptoms and even other autoimmune diseases.

You’ll always have to live life wondering when your next symptom flare-up will happen, and be at the mercy of it until it somehow disappears for a while (if it does at all).

…and if you’re anything like me, you’ve put your entire life on hold, telling yourself stories like:

I’ll do this when I have more time

I’ll do this after I try that medication

I’ll do this if it gets really bad


It’s time to change your story

What are you waiting for?

There’s unfortunately no cure for autoimmune disease (yet),

so things aren’t going to magically get better.

Are you going to remain a victim of your disease?

The only difference between you and those people with autoimmunity who don’t have symptoms?

They decided they were going to take their power back.

They decided to make a change.


Made this much easier than it would otherwise have been!

“Since joining The Autoimmune Collective, my path of healing has been helped tremendously. Having trustworthy resources of nutrition (recipes, meal prep, the diet itself, reintroductions, etc.), and stress and rest management at my fingertips is such an important part of this journey. Having a community of people has been a lifeline in my success thus far. And having Michele — so helpful, knowledgeable, and caring — has truly been made this much easier than it would otherwise have been. It’s been such a great investment in my journey to healing.”

Tracy Q.

The recipes and videos were very informative and supportive when you’re so overwhelmed

“I was in misery. My Hashimotos was out of control and I had leaky gut. But the recipes and videos were very informative and supportive when you’re so overwhelmed. I found lots of food I didn’t know existed and lifestyle changes to help with the healing process. It is so worth it!”

Janet R.

hi there! I’m Michele

I thought my life was over at 36 when I was suffering from countless symptoms like bone-deep exhaustion, losing my hair at a rapid rate, heart palpitations, thick brain fog, inability to lose weight… and so much more.

I’m a certified autoimmune health & life coach who has helped thousands stop the autoimmune attacks in their bodies so that they can live a life free of symptoms.

I followed my doctor’s orders to take thyroid meds for hypothyroidism for 8 years, all while my symptoms got so much worse and I was told there was nothing I could do other than take my thyroid medication.

I had never felt so defeated and scared.

Yet, as soon as I learned my diseases were autoimmune – Hashimoto’s and Celiac – and that I could actually DO something about them, I was able to put them into remission and stop all of the symptoms.

…and now I’m here to help you do the same.

So let me ask you this:


👉 Do you really want to let your body continue to get attacked by your own immune system and never know when symptoms will stop you from doing what you want?

👉 Do you want to stay in this cycle of feeling out of control and completely left behind by the medical world? 


👉 Or, do you want to want to take back your power, finally learn how to stop your body from destroying itself, and feel like yourself again? (maybe even better?)



Your all-in-one community with the simple, proven approach to stop the autoimmune attack against your body…

…so that you can finally feel as good as you did BEFORE you had a disease.

🥂 In just a matter of weeks you could:

  • Repair your gut, reverse inflammation, and regulate your immune system to reduce or stop symptoms
  • Optimize your sleep, exercise, and stress levels so you can avoid flares over the long term
  • Uncover and fix the hidden thoughts and habits that cause you to cheat, self-sabotage, or give up
  • Become a part of a supportive community and make friends - who get it - for life

It’s time to give your body (the only one you have) the nourishment it deserves!

Why not do so in a way that is a LOT easier – and way more effective –  than doing it on your own?

So that you can be like them:

I have seen most of my symptoms greatly reduced in 3 months!

I got a new diagnosis of another autoimmune disorder so wanted to try AIP. I have been celiac for years so I ate a strict gluten free diet. I was excited to join and learn more about AIP. There are many things I love about it. So much information at my fingertips. It has made it easy to stay on AIP and be accountable. I have seen most of my symptoms greatly reduced in 3 months!

Suzy P.

My psoriatic arthritis has cleared up

I feel pretty good, I don’t have the fatigue that I had at the beginning. What I love about the Autoimmune Collective is that there is everything in one place to help with the autoimmune journey. Meal prep, a supportive community of people going through the same thing as me and tools to help with stress relief, and so much more!

Jennifer S.

My cholesterol and sugars are down!

“I had my yearly physical Friday. My cholesterol, and sugars are down. My calcium is up and Vitamin D is perfect. I have lost 5 more pounds and she said if I keep it up she can take me off Calcium and Cholesterol pills. WHOOHOO!”

Carol L

My rash has cleared up!

I am at a much better place with mind-body stuff. I feel better about not being so strict or trying to be “perfect” with my diet. I have a better mindset with food that has been off-limits in my mind. If I eat something such as corn or chips with “bad oil” I don’t automatically think, oh why did I do that, this is going to give me a horrible flare! I just think I ate this and it’s going to be fine and don’t give it a second thought.

Debbie T

With The Autoimmune Collective, you’ll know exactly how to get healthy and stop your symptoms


Feeling sick and tired

Are you just trying to “make it through” each day right now? Trying to battle the exhaustion, pain, skin rashes, or constant need to go to the bathroom?  Putting your life on hold… indefinitely?

Disappointment on your kids' faces

Ugh, it’s the worst, isn’t it? When your kids or grandkids ask you to play and you tell them “no” for the umpteenth time because you don’t feel well? It’s SO heartbreaking to be the source of their unhappiness and see that look on their sweet faces.

The frustration, shame, and fear

Oh the feelings around your disease! Frustration that this is happening to you and you can’t make it stop. Shame that you can’t help out as much as you used to and that others have to pick up your slack. Fear that things will get worse and you’ll never get better. And the lack of feeling any control around it all? Your mental health can really suffer! (And that’s not what you need right now!)


Feel great

You’ll pop out of bed each day feeling refreshed and like your old self. You’ll live life as if you didn’t even have a disease – enjoying time with friends and family and chasing after all of those bucket list goals.

Show your kids what's possible

Kids pick up most of their knowledge of the world by modeling others. How great would it be to be a role model and show them what’s possible when life beats you down? To show them you can have a great life, despite a chronic disease? And to be able to play whenever they ask you to? Priceless.

Have confidence and clarity

Getting to know your own body and what it needs to thrive is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. After all, you only have one body to live in, right? When you know what foods make you feel good vs icky, what works best to help you sleep through the night, and which exercises help you feel your best, you erase that frustration, shame, and fear right out of your consciousness.

“After spending hours and hours of research gathering info from multiple sites and joining what seemed like a gazillion groups, I found my home with Michele and the Autoimmune Collective

“If you are looking for that comfort feeling, recipes that are “normal” (not some weird high energy needed and a culinary degree as well) and a place you can just be you, this is it.

From group chats, to quick recipes to YouTube videos you’re guaranteed to find the perfect avenue of information. Come join us! I promise you’ll be able to relax, get settled and enjoy the company.”

Danielle S.

“Made it possible for me to have compliant meals even when I am too tired or weak to cook!”

“The Autoimmune Collective has made a huge difference in my AIP journey. I knew that AIP would help with my severe and debilitating illness but it was difficult to find the energy to start let alone stay with it. The Autoimmune Collective changed all that. The start guide, the hundreds of easy, make ahead recipes, the tips, and ideas have made it possible for me to have compliant meals even when I am too tired or weak to cook. It is more than just foods though. In easy to accomplish ways Michele brings together meditation, relaxation, and other necessary healing modalities that has helped me to make the changes I needed to begin to heal. The added support of a community of caring people, including Michele herself, makes this an ideal AIP online home. “

Beth E.

 The 3-Phase Blueprint to Thriving With Your Autoimmune Disease


When you join The Autoimmune Collective, you’ll get access to the member’s portal where you’ll learn how to move seamlessly through the following phases of The Autoimmune Health Blueprint, experiencing real, tangible progress along the way.


Going through The Autoimmune Health Blueprint is the BEST way to gain control over your disease, stop your symptoms, and have lasting relief.

When you’ve gone through these, you’ll FINALLY have the key ingredients you need to get back the quality of your life, do the things you love without worry….pain….lack of energy… or the fear you’ll have to run to the bathroom….and feel like your disease is just background noise.


““I was having a very difficult time coming up with ideas for meals and couldn’t seem to focus enough to come up with something on my own. I have AIP cookbooks, but I usually end up without ingredients, etc.
If I take the weekend to plan my meals for the week ahead, then I am successful. After reviewing your website over and over, I came to the conclusion that I really needed the simplicity of someone doing the legwork for me. I love the detailed plans and instructions. I even love the labels you provide to place on my freezer meals. When I utilize your website, it calms me down because I don’t have to really think about what I’m going to eat.

Aimee K.


Stop the Flare

You know how a vacation rejuvenates you? Removing the constant triggers that cause systemic inflammation, leaky gut, and immune system regulation is like a vacation for your body.

The easiest and quickest way to do this and see some BIG results is by changing the foods you eat. As soon as your next meal you could be stopping the conditions in your body that are causing symptoms.

We use food changes to get out of survival mode and finally give your body a rest from the constant triggers. This will allow the inflammation to settle down, your gut tissue to repair, nutrients to finally be absorbed, and your immune system relief from having to be on constant overdrive. By doing this, your immune system will stop attacking your organ tissues.

All of this may lead to you possibly getting off of, reducing, or avoiding medications, reducing antibodies, stopping symptoms, and, best of all, feeling NORMAL again.

In this phase, you’ll learn what exactly is going on in your body and exactly what to do to stop the autoimmune attack. You’ll learn what the best dietary changes are for you and your situation, and then get what you need to start.

You’ll get access to the short coaching videos and tools within the Autoimmune Health Blueprint and the Mastering the Autoimmune Protocol Course which shows you exactly how to implement the AIP diet to be successful.

We’ll also make it SO much easier by giving you “Prep & Reset – the program with easy autoimmune-friendly recipes and meal prep.


The resources you’ll get for this phase includes:

  • Step-by-step Paleo and AIP meal prep guides that make the best use of your time and energy and get your fridge and freezer stocked with easily accessible meals
  • Over a months' each of done-for-you weekly meal plans for both the Paleo and AIP Diets - no need to think, just shop and cook!
  • Hundreds of simple and quick Paleo and AIP recipes that taste great (family-approved!)
  • Dump-and-go freezer meal plans that require NO cooking before freezing! (Get your freezer stocked with 7 meals in an hour!)
  • Meal prep mini-course to learn ALL of the tips and tricks to cut down on time and effort
  • Incredibly helpful cooking demonstration videos - see how it's done!
  • Tools to overcome cravings, avoid temptations (without resorting to willpower), and subconsciously choose the right foods for you
  • Coaching and education on how to properly and safely reintroduce foods

I believe eating for healing should TASTE good – not just be good for your body.  I want you to love eating this way and not have it feel like a punishment. Plus it also shouldn’t take over your life – leave meal time at meal time and spend the rest of your time doing what you love!

“I have had a recent diagnosis of Grave’s disease and was feeling exhausted by all the cooking etc.
I thought about buying a cookbook to help me get new ideas and keep things feeling fresh, but when I read about the Collective, and figured I would give it a try. Your recipes are great. Down to earth. I have a family. I don’t always have the fancy ingredients kind of style. Freezer dump meals!!! I’m not nearly as stressed about dinner. I have 3 of your meals in the freezer right now in the event I’m not wanting to cook something different one night. So I say if you are looking for practical, real world help from a woman who feels like she should just be your neighbor, try it out.

Debbie W.


Support your Lifestyle

If your body is constantly in a stress-induced fight-or-flight mode, it simply cannot digest foods properly, absorb nutrients, repair tissue, regulate your immune system (aka, stop autoimmune tissue attacks), or do any of the numerous other tasks needed to feel better.

If you don’t get out of this nervous system dysregulation, you’ll never find out how great you can feel and you may be working totally against your nutrition efforts!

Unfortunately stress isn’t just stress as we know it, like from deadlines or being stuck in traffic. It’s also from things like not getting enough or the right quality of sleep or too much or too little exercise.

You NEED to get your sleep, stress management, and exercise dialed in to the right place for you or else your symptoms will continue to flare no matter what you eat or do.

Along with the coaching and tools in the Autoimmune Health Blueprint, you’ll also get access to “Exercise for Autoimmunity” and “The Lifestyle Lab“. Plus, periodic masterclasses often dive deeply into a topic relevant to this phase.

In this phase, you’ll discover:

  • Effective tools to help you stop feeling overwhelmed and to manage stress and anxiety so that they aren't a problem
  • How autoimmune exercise intolerance can cause you to flare when you work out
  • Supportive workouts that won't spike the stress response and that you can do in the comfort of your home
  • How to get better sleep (without taking a pill!) + resources to help you sleep better
  • What the most effective methods are for YOU personally to de-stress, sleep, get energized, deal with headaches, exercise, and more

Whether it’s a guided meditation, EFT tapping, journal prompts, sound baths, hypnosis audios, breathing techniques, exercises like Qi Gong, micro workouts, or yoga, or more, we’ve got it all, and you’re free to try them at your convenience and in privacy of your own home.

It has taken me months to accept that the relaxation videos (for example) are for ME.  I don’t know how that sounds, but all my life OTHER people have done those things!  So now it’s my turn after all! 


I did not anticipate just how much the meditation and calming exercises would help! I don’t always have alone time, but this is one area that I needed improvement on and the resources make it easy.
Amy G.


I love the easy make-ahead recipes and the hypnosis audios. The recipes made it super easy for my family to adapt to the change in our diet. The hypnosis audios just freaking work and has helped me overcome challenges that were taxing my will-power.

Patricia R.


Sustain The Relief

Once you’ve dialed in your diet and lifestyle it’s time to look at the most important thing – your mind! Why?

According to the National Science Foundation, an average person has somewhere between 12,000 and 60,000 thoughts in a day. Yet they say that 80% of those thoughts are negative – and 95% of them are repetitive!

And the worst part? You’re probably only aware of a small fraction of those thoughts. We live our lives on autopilot!

Unfortunately, if you don’t uncover and address your negative thought patterns, habits, and emotions, you’re almost guaranteed to go right back to where you started – which will leave you sick, frustrated, and dealing with those defeating symptoms again. Then you’ll either have to completely change your diet again or go chasing down another diet or solution that probably won’t work either. (Because you’re still having the same thoughts or doing the same habits!)

So in this phase, we dig deep into the topics that commonly keep people plateauing with their success, reverting right back to their triggers, and unable to continue their success. You’ll get tools to help solidify the new, supportive thoughts, habits, mindset shifts, and emotions you need to thrive.

To support you on this phase of your journey you’ll be able to utilize tools in both “The Autoimmune Health Blueprint” and“The Lifestyle Lab”. In addition, the periodic masterclasses often dive deeply into a topic relevant to this phase.

Inside this phase you’ll discover:

  • Those sneaky thoughts that may be causing you to stray from your healing diet or preventing you from feeling better (and how to correct it)
  • The PROVEN formula to stop bad habits & create lasting good ones
  • How to bounce back from anything - and be stronger for it
  • The keys to long term success with your disease
  • The simple strategies to let go of fear, grief about your disease, resentment about what you can and cannot eat
  • How to uncover and fix patterns that keep your nervous system dyregulated and out of the healing state
  • Hypnosis audios that go straight to your subconscious to reprogram your limiting beliefs about what's possible for you, stop cravings, and help you to choose supportive foods and habits without having to think about it

… and more!

I love the hypnosis/meditations because they acknowledge that there is more to us than just food.
Kayla R.

So not only do you get the step-by-step proven process of The Autoimmune Health Blueprint, 

You ALSO get full access to these supporting tools, programs, and courses:

And you’ll get further support with masterclasses like these:

 Ok, how much is it?

Like most people suffering from autoimmune symptoms, you could spend YEARS figuring this out on your own.

Trying a diet but wondering why you still aren’t feeling better, or why you’re STILL flaring on a regular basis.

You can continue to do it on your own.

Seeing a functional medicine practitioner can run you upwards of $14,000, and they don’t help you IMPLEMENT the changes. That’s still up to you.

Working with a coach will be $500-1000 a month (or more), but they’ll just give you meal plans and not the simple methods and recipes to make it easier.

And joining a group program will be at least $300 – and you only get a few weeks of support.

Or… you can stop being a victim of your disease and do something about it – with education, tools, support, and a simple proven system that makes it easy (and includes the same information and tools that were in my $1197 group program!!!)

Take your power back and stop the flares (for good) for only:



✅ 3-phase blueprint to stop the flares

✅ Monthly group coaching calls

✅ Recipes, meal prep guides, meal plans, and grocery lists

✅ Video trainings for all areas

✅ Guided meditations, EFT tapping, journals, hypnosis audios

✅ Qi gong and yoga workouts

✅ Deep dive masterclasses

✅ 24/7 community support

No Contracts, Cancel Anytime




Get 2 months FREE!

✅ Two months FREE!

✅ Everything you get inside the monthly program

✅ KEEP access to Prep & Reset meal prep and recipes for life ($197 value)

No Contracts, Cancel Anytime

That’s around the cost of a doctor’s office copay. Yet…

…by the time you’ve used just a small portion of the tools offered in The Autoimmune Collective, you’ll have completely transformed the way you feel and relate to your disease for the rest of your life.

*10% of every membership goes to JDRF (The Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund) to help fund diabetes research, support for those living with Type 1 Diabetes, and to try to end T1D. If they find a way to end T1D, they might find a way to end or heal ALL autoimmune diseases – so in addition to helping those with this disease, it helps the entire autoimmune community.


The 3 Phases of The Autoimmune Health Blueprint will completely transform your health and how you approach your disease from now on. But that’s just the beginning.

When you join The Autoimmune Collective, you also get access to the private 24/7 Community!

Autoimmune Collective Community

Value – Priceless

If you’re like me, then you know that your autoimmune journey can be lonely…trying to figure out what will work, not having people believe that you’re actually sick (and not just lazy), and having nowhere to go to talk to someone who gets it.

That never happens again once you join the exclusive private community! 

You’ll surround yourself with people who get what you’re going through. They too suffer through the silent symptoms that no one else can see and know it’s NOT all in your head.

They also know what it’s like to need that support when you just want to gorge on all the pizza and conveniently forget how food affects you. Because it WILL happen, but we want you to succeed just as much as you do. You can come to us and get that pep talk or whatever it is you need to keep going.

And we don’t allow the Paleo and AIP-police here. You can post safely, not worrying that someone will judge you for posting a recipe that has a non-compliant ingredient – or that they’ll try to scare you into thinking the end of the world is coming because you ate some gluten.

This is a rampant problem in the free groups, and we don’t stand for it here.

And because we’re on a Mighty Network platform, you don’t need to worry about privacy issues (like on Facebook) where you even THINK about a topic and suddenly you’re getting ads for it. Privacy and security are a major priority for us here.

Other benefits of the community:

  • Run on a distraction-free and safe Mighty Network
  • Make lasting friendships
  • See how others make it all work for them
  • Get your questions answered
  • Know you aren't the only one going through all of this!
  • Enter bi-weekly giveaways for chances to win great prizes!
Opening up to share in a group hasn’t always comfortable, yet Wow!!! What a generous, supportive and non-judgy community we have here. I’m so thankful for that.💜
Brenda H.

There are SO many pluses that have come from this journey! First is this group and all of the wonderful people I’ve gotten to know! Y’all rock! ❤️”
Janet R.

No Contracts. No gimmicks. Cancel anytime.

When you sign up for The Autoimmune Collective, you will be amazed at the shifts you notice in how you feel and your relationship with your disease. However, if that doesn’t happen for you, you can cancel anytime. 

There are no contracts. No gimmicks. No games. 

You can email [email protected] to cancel your program, and we will immediately take care of it for you. (You can also do this directly from within your dashboard in the portal)

You will not be billed again. So if there’s even a slight chance you think this can work for you, then you should join us today. You can easily try it out and see if it’s right for you (no guesswork needed)!

See what life is like when you use the power you have over your disease and symptoms 💃🏻

 So, Let’s Recap!

When you join The Autoimmune Collective you get instant access to the 3 Phases of the Autoimmune Health Blueprint –  meal prep guides, freezer meal plans, done-for-you meal plans, recipes, time-saving techniques, cooking videos, Qi Gong, Micro, and yoga workouts, meditations, hypnosis audios, journals, EFT, coaching, and more – designed to transform you from someone struggling because of their autoimmune disease to someone THRIVING despite their autoimmune disease. (Value $3000)


  • The Autoimmune Health Blueprint - the path to lasting autoimmune relief (value $2000)
  • Prep & Reset - the easiest, best-tasting recipes, meal prep, and meal plans for your autoimmune health (typically $197)
  • Exercise for Autoimmune Disease (Typically $99)
  • The Lifestyle Lab (Typically $249)
  • Mastering the Autoimmune Protocol Course (typically $149)
  • The You Can Do AIP Challenge VIP version (typically $29)
  • Masterclasses (typically $49 each)
  • 24/7 Access to the private supportive community
  • Monthly live group coaching calls (Value $200)
  • Anything added to the AIC in the future

So now it’s time for you to make one of two choices.


Choice # 1:

The first choice is to try all of this autoimmune healing stuff on your own or ignore it all and hope it magically goes away (hint: it won’t).

And as you already know, that takes a lot of time and energy to cut through all the noise of what works and doesn’t. Without the proper tools and support you’ll make little to no progress and continue to struggle.


Choice # 2:

If you know you’re ready for a change and to get the tools that actually work – and you’re ready to gain control over your disease and life the life that you deserve…


...then the choice is simple: join us inside The Autoimmune Collective and start your transformation to becoming a thriving autoimmune warrior!


You’ll use what you learn in here for the rest of your life.


Simply click the button below and the incredible community and resources will be waiting for you on the other side! 👇



✅ 3-phase blueprint to stop the flares

✅ Monthly group coaching calls

✅ Recipes, meal prep guides, meal plans, and grocery lists

✅ Video trainings for all areas

✅ Guided meditations, EFT tapping, journals, hypnosis audios

✅ Qi gong and yoga workouts

✅ Deep dive masterclasses

✅ 24/7 community support

No Contracts, Cancel Anytime




Get 2 months FREE!

✅ Two months FREE!

✅ Everything you get inside the monthly program

✅ KEEP access to Prep & Reset meal prep and recipes for life ($197 value)

No Contracts, Cancel Anytime

If you’re still on the fence, unsure if you should take the leap, I want to share one last thing with you


If you keep waiting for “the right time” or circumstances to change, your life is going to pass you by. What’s going on in your body isn’t good, and it’s not going to magically get better.


If you don’t do something about it, things will only get worse and you’ll end up suffering a lot more than you are now.


So please, even if you don’t join us, promise me you’ll do SOMETHING about it.


You deserve to feel great and not have symptoms stopping you from living your life.

The support is amazing!”

“I feel now that I belong to a group that’s going through what it takes to live with a plethora of autoimmune diseases and addressing them head on. The support is amazing! I know this sounds weird but it’s actually fun and I look forward to all the new info.”

Mel B

“The program is so accessible and the community is so supportive.”

You’ll feel like you can take on the world with The Autoimmune Collective resources and community.”

Patricia R


Still have questions? Let me see if I can help…

Below are the most common questions I’ve been asked. If for some odd reason you don’t see your question, just email [email protected] so we can assist you. Sound good?

Will this work for me?

While I can’t guarantee any results, this program has worked for people with several different kinds of autoimmune diseases, such as Hashimoto’s, Psoriasis, MS, Grave’s, Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis, Interstitial Cystitis, Sjogren’s, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Celiac Disease, and many more.

We even have had several members go through that don’t have diagnosed autoimmune disorders but just felt their bodies weren’t working correctly and have felt so much better.

And it’s not just for direct autoimmune symptoms – several members have reported being able to get off anxiety medications, weight loss, reversing of prediabetes, better blood pressure, decreased meds for cholesterol and so much more.*

*Legal mumbo jumbo: Results not typical nor guaranteed


What happens when I join the AIC?

You first breathe a sigh of relief because you made an IMPORTANT step towards your transformation! Then, you’ll hop on over to your inbox where you’ll find your login credentials and you can get into ALL of the resources right away.

You’ll be able to see The Autoimmune Health Blueprint, which will lead you step-by-step through the process to get your life back and thrive despite your disease.

You will also receive some emails over the next few days that explain the various resources and help you navigate through what will help you most right now.

How is The Autoimmune Collective delivered?

Everything can be accessed from your personal membership portal!

Once you log in you’ll have instant access to all of the online classes, guides, cheat sheets, freezer cooking plans, and recipes from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. You can also download the audios, printable guides, and handouts and save them to your devices.

Where does the private community meet?

Our private community gathers on Mighty Networks — away from the distractions and privacy concerns of social media.

A handy mobile app makes our safe space easy to access from anywhere and you can set how often you want to receive notifications.

No worrying here that if you make a joke about peeing yourself while jumping on a trampoline you’ll get served up adult diaper ads for the next month (true story – happened to me on FB! So embarrassing!)

And no worrying if you’re embarrassed about your symptoms – this group is 100% private and we ALL get it – we ALL have had embarrassing symptoms. I mean, I pooped my pants once at 36 – does it get more embarrasing than that?

What diet do you use to stop the flares?

You get to choose! I recommend either the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP Diet) or Paleo diets as I’ve found that most of my clients have seen tremendous success using these. I’ll help you to decide which one is best for you and then give you all of the resources to do the diet.

These diets also don’t have to be forever – I don’t recommend anyone stay on the full AIP elimination diet for longer than 3 months and encourage you to start reintroducing foods so you can have as wide and diverse a diet as possible. I don’t believe in restriction for the sake of restriction – it’s just a tool to give you body a rest so you can resolve some underlying issues. But if your goal is to lie on a beach somewhere in a year drinking margaritas and eating tacos, I 100% encourage and support that. It’s not about perfection. It’s about feeling better.

There are a few versions of AIP. Which one do you talk about?

Great question! The one I practice and teach is the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol. This version was developed by Dr. Sarah Ballantyne and is a subset of the Paleo Diet.

However, it really doesn’t matter much – the differences between the versions aren’t huge and all of the resources within The Autoimmune Collective will help you no matter what version you’re on.

I’m already doing AIP or Paleo -- will this help me?

100% Absolutely! Not only will the recipes, freezer meal plans, meal prep section, and videos help you make what you’re doing easier and more manageable; The AIC will provide you with the additional resources that will help you make this a lifestyle that enables you to thrive well beyond the kitchen.

It’s not like you finish doing a diet like AIP and your life magically just changes – you need to make sure your sleep, exercise, and stress are optimized, break bad habits, learn new ones that will support your health long term, and find ways to make it all sustainable long term. That’s what the whole other half of The Autoimmune Collective is for – and could help literally anyone, but is geared specifically for people with autoimmune disorders.

I'm really want to do the AIP Diet but am so overwhelmed, will this help me?

YES!! I’d recommend first starting with the Mastering the Autoimmune Protocol course to really get a good understanding of what you can and cannot eat, get cheatsheets that you can post in your kitchen, and understand what to expect from BEFORE the diet all the way through how you’ll reintroduce foods.

Then you can start going through some of the easier step-by-step meal plans and dump-and-go freezer meal plans to get some meals in your freezer and give you some breathing room. As you get more confidence and time you can tackle some of the other recipes to really round out your food and give you lots of variety.

What makes you, Michele, the best person to learn from?

I’m a Health and Life Coach who used AIP and Paleo to help my own autoimmune diseases, but also hundreds of others in the 9+ years that I’ve been doing this. 

I’m also an AIP Certified Coach, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, EFT practitioner, Certified 200-hr Qi Gong teacher, and Certified 200-hr Yoga instructor!

I’m constantly learning and keeping up on the latest data and research in health and mind-body connection as it relates to autoimmune disease. … And I’m also an empath who’s been in your shoes – so I know what you’re going through and struggle with.

I'm doing this to help my spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend/partner - can they join the community too?

Absolutely. First of all – if you’re doing this to help learn about AIP, cook meals for someone, and understand what they need, THANK YOU. I am so happy there are people like you that support those of us with autoimmune diseases.

If you join and the person you are helping also wants to be a part of the community, just send me an email so I know there will be two people from the same account to look out for and approve!

How much time will this take me?

The amount of time it takes is completely up to you. You can just hop into the main portal for a minute if you need a step-by-step meal plan to work on or a recipe to prepare, or spend however long you want on a stress relief technique (we have options from 2 minutes all the way through an hour!)

This is meant to be a resource to use whenever you need it. At first, you might spend more time going through the Meal Prep or Mastering The Autoimmune Protocol courses, then you might spend less time as you go through the diet.

Later you may come back and spend more time going through Phases 2 and 3 of the Autoimmune Health Blueprint.

After that you might just use it as needed – when you are more stressed than usual, having some sleep disruptions, dealing with some negative emotions, or just want to do an energizing Qi Gong session!

I really don't have time/the ability/the energy to cook. Do you have any options for me?

The step-by-step meal prep plans and the dump-and-go meal plans have been created so that those with very little time and energy can accomplish them and wind up saving you time and energy.

However – if you REALLY cannot do it, they’ve been written in a way that you could hire a local high school or college student, or even a stay-at-home mom looking to do something while her kids are at school, to cook these for you. These inexpensive options would get delicious food in your fridge, pantry, and freezer, and help them out as well.

How long do I have access to this program?

As long as you’re a paying member, you get access to all aspects of The Autoimmune Collective, which includes:

* The Autoimmune Health Blueprint (value $2000)

* Prep & Reset (typically $197)

* Exercise for Autoimmunity (typically $99)

* The Lifestyle Lab (Typically $249)

* Mastering the Autoimmune Protocol course (typically $149)

* The You Can Do AIP Challenge VIP version (typically $29)

* The deep-dive Masterclasses (and previous class replays) (typically $49 each)

* Access to the private Community

* And anything else that is added


And if you get the annual option, you’ll have LIFETIME access to Prep & Reset, meaning even if you cancel your Autoimmune Collective membership, you’ll still be able to access the recipes and meal prep resources.

Once I get in will I have to pay anything else?

No. Unless you opt to add additional upgraded experiences that will require payment (like the Flare-Free For Life 12-week group program or 1:1 coaching), once you join the AIC you get every single resource within.

In addition, I’m constantly adding to it, so you’ll get all of the additions as well at no extra charge.

I'm religious - will the resources conflict with my beliefs?

Absolutely not. The guided meditations and hypnosis audios do not in any way conflict with or dispute any sort of religious beliefs and can be wonderful companions to prayer.

The guided meditations give you the space to think about things that may not otherwise come up when engrossed in a busy lifestyle, and you may choose to spend the time given during and time after that to quietly contemplate in any way you choose.

And as for the Qi Gong, despite its ancient Chinese Taoist roots, it is in no way religious. In fact, one of the greatest Qi Gong masters of the modern age, Mantak Chia, is a Christian. Again, it can be a valuable companion to your prayer and by releasing energetic and emotional blockages and practicing gratitude, may bring you even closer to and strengthen your relationship with God.

We have many members who are religious and have found a lot of success with the resources in this program!

Will I be able to get off of my medications if I go through the resources in the AIC?

I cannot guarantee that anyone will be able to get off of medications, avoid medications, or avoid surgery, etc by using any of the tools or diet resources in this membership. However, it is possible that you may be able to reduce or get off medications completely depending on your own individual situation. Please work with your doctor for this though.


I also want to state that it’s not a failure to BE on medication or to have to have surgery for your disease. We are fortunate to live in a time where all of these tools are available to us, and sometimes it requires a blending of these tools in order to get the most improvement.

I personally take thyroid medication every day, and my son uses insulin for his Type 1 Diabetes (an autoimmune disease) every day as well. Without these medications we wouldn’t be able to survive, so I am so thankful we have them available to us.

That being said – the diet, lifestyle, and mindset pieces can tremendously improve your quality of life – because you shouldn’t settle for “meh.”

You only get one life, an average of 4000 weeks to live – why spend it feeling miserable?

You have SO much power over your disease. It’s time you use that and feel AMAZING again.


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Because this is a monthly membership there are no refunds. But you can cancel at any time, directly through your portal (without having to talk to anyone!) with no further payments.

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