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Empowered AIP Living… with ease

Enjoy the benefits of AIP in relieving the symptoms of your autoimmune disease without the stress, loneliness, and constant dread of “what’s for dinner?”

You’re ready to reclaim control of your health with AIP, but gosh is it hard.

Specialists. Medications. Therapies. Herbs. Praying to the powers that be…

You’ve tried it all when it comes to relieving the symptoms of your autoimmune disorder. 

Then you found Paleo Autoimmune Protocol (AIP), the diet + lifestyle shift that helps you manage and control your health as you give your body what it needs to feel its best. 

But how the heck are you supposed to make such a massive change to your diet and lifestyle when you’re:  

  • busy taking care of your family,
  • overwhelmed by your symptoms,
  • sick of wasting time and money guessing at what might work?

Welcome to The Autoimmune Collective, where people like you make AIP manageable so they can feel their best and live with more joy

…without having to do it alone

The Autoimmune Collective is your home for making AIP a lifestyle that empowers you to thrive  …with ease. 

In the Collective, we blend resources like recipes, meal plans, meditations, hypnosis, and coaching videos with the undeniable power of community to help you make AIP manageable not just as a diet…but as a long-term lifestyle that supports symptom relief so you can get back to (happily) living your life.  

“The programs are so accessible and the community is so supportive. You’ll feel like you can take on the world with The Autoimmune Collective resources and community.”

Patricia R.

What you need: A desire to feel your absolute best

What you’ll get: The tools and support to make it happen with AIP

The Autoimmune Collective isn’t just another band aid solution to your autoimmune symptoms. It’s a proactive approach to living your best life…with the simplicity of an expert doing the legwork for you.

Here’s how AIP life is made easier for you each and every month in The Autoimmune Collective:


The next best thing to having me IN your kitchen. (If only!)


Eat the meals that will help you heal. Use the robust library of breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, dessert, and drink recipes to plan out your nutrient-dense meals in a snap, with dishes your whole family will love.

Freezer cooking plans

Save hours per week and kick the weeknight stress with family-friendly dump-and-go freezer cooking plans. Prep ahead of time and pull them out when you’re in a pinch. Easy, peasy — and approved by both kids and adults who are NOT on AIP! 

Coming soon – Batch Cooking and Meal Prep Section

This massive section currently being developed will teach you how to batch cook meats in several ways, freeze all sorts of items for later, prep veggies for the week, make AIP seasonings in bulk, make a few items on the weekend for the rest of the week with a lot of variety, and so much more. It’ll be stocked with recipes and ideas for both AIP elimination AND reintroductions and Paleo, so it’ll serve you for a long long time. If you love the “cook once, eat. all week” method, this will work great for you, but it will also be awesome for those of you who love freezer cooking! 


The tools + resources that extend beyond AIP to help you stay healthy for life.

Guided meditations + hypnosis audios

Let go of the stress, resentment, and past traumas holding you back from true healing. Each month, we’ll strengthen your mindset through guided meditations and go deeper into subconscious healing with hypnosis audios that override lifelong habits and lead to long-term vitality.

Coaching videos and podcasts + daily emails

No fluff; all stuff that will help you during AIP and beyond. Monthly coaching videos and podcasts follow the theme of the month to give you actionable information for your AIP journey and lasting wellness. Daily, 1-2 line inspirational and educational emails help answer the quick questions that pop up and lend inspiration to keep going.


Unlike other diets where you’re not really sure what’s working + what’s not, we’re going to focus on your progress so you can optimize your diet for the life you want to live. 


The support you need from people who get it.

Community + support

Surround yourself with others serious about using diet and lifestyle to gain freedom from their autoimmune disease symptoms. Ask questions, get support and inspiration, and share resources and tips in a safe space where you no longer have to feel alone. Plus we do biweekly giveaways of AIP Products!


AIP Basics course

Learn all you need to do AIP successfully. From complete beginner all the way to reintroductions, the video classes, audio downloads, guides, and cheat sheets in the AIP Basics Course are there when you need them to round out your knowledge and help make you even more successful with AIP. 

Let me show you around! This includes both what is in there now PLUS what is coming over the summer

What if this could be your last stop?

You’ve been passed from specialist to specialist. Tried prescription after prescription. Read book after book. Invested in resource after resource. Let’s make this your last stop.

I won’t just show you how to make AIP easier; I’ll teach you the skills to maintain your symptom relief and support your autoimmune health for the long run. 

Join us inside The Autoimmune Collective today!

“I feel now that I belong to a group that’s going through what it takes to live with a plethora of autoimmune diseases and addressing them head on. The support is amazing! I know this sounds weird but it’s actually fun and I look forward to all the new info.”

Mel B.

Think you’re alone? Think again.

Even though there are 50 million of us in the US with at least one autoimmune disease, the medical world hasn’t done much to help prevent or treat autoimmune disease except with pharmaceuticals.

Meanwhile, information surrounding protocols like AIP can be confusing, overwhelming, and hard to follow, lending to a pervasive feeling of loneliness as we try to navigate the solutions that will make us feel better.

I get it, because I’ve been there. 

Hey! I’m Michele

Something snapped in me back in 2014, the day I sat in a chair on my patio, listlessly watching my toddlers play in the grass. When my youngest asked me to come play, I had to say no for the umpteenth time that month, because I didn’t have the energy to get out of the chair. It was heartbreaking. That was no way for a mom to live. Nor was bearing the heart palpitations, hair loss, irregular periods, low-grade fevers, chills, brain fog, and the myriad of other symptoms of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis I felt but was too scared to speak out loud.


That day I decided I had to make a change. I may have been alive, but I wasn’t living. Despite having gone from doctor to doctor without answers or solutions, I searched and researched and finally found a helpful doctor who put me on the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol (AIP diet). 


It was rough. This was back before anyone knew about the diet and hardly any recipes existed. Options were limited, bland, and took forever to make. I sometimes felt like it was a second full-time job! Yet as I looked at my kids, I knew I couldn’t give up, so I started to make systems and strategies — and delicious recipes — to make it so much easier.


I’m so thankful I persevered because it helped me go from a helpless, heartbroken mom to one who camps, hikes rigorous mountain trails with my family, loves yoga, Pilates, and Barre workouts, volunteers for hours every week at school, and best of all, plays with my kids for as long as I want. All of my symptoms are gone and I feel a vibrancy and zest for life that I didn’t even know was possible!


I not only want the same for you…I want to make it easier for you to make it happen. 

“Made this much easier than it would otherwise have been!”

Since joining The Autoimmune Collective, my path of healing has been helped tremendously. Having trustworthy resources of nutrition (recipes, meal prep, the diet itself, reintroductions, etc.), and stress and rest management at my fingertips is such an important part of this journey. Having a community of people has been a lifeline in my success thus far. And having Michele — so helpful, knowledgeable, and caring — has truly been made this much easier than it would otherwise have been. It’s been such a great investment in my journey to healing

Tracy Q.

But Michele, is The Autoimmune Collective really right for me?

From your initial autoimmune disorder diagnosis to your second (or third, or fourth) decade dealing with symptoms, The Autoimmune Collective makes following AIP easy and efficient for people who want to spend less time stressing about their diet and more time thriving.

In fact, The Autoimmune Collective is perfect for you if you’re…

Just getting started with AIP

…and want to get everything you need — from education to recipes to community — in one, trusted spot.

Struggling to manage AIP

…and want to make AIP life easier with done-for-you meal plans and resources so you can feel your best without the stress.

Ready to give AIP another shot

…and know having both guidance and support can be the key to finding success with AIP this time around.

Still have questions? Let me see if I can help…

What happens when I join the AIC?

I do a happy dance while you breathe a sigh of relief! Then, hop over to your inbox where you’ll find your login credentials so you can get into the resources right away.

How is the Autoimmune Collective delivered?

Everything can be accessed from your personal membership portal! Log in and access all of the online classes, guides, cheat sheets, freezer cooking plans, and recipes from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. You can also download audios, printable guides, and handouts and save them to your devices.

How often is the content updated?

All of the time. I’m constantly learning about new methods that will help you on your healing journey and coming up with new recipes and meal plans. But don’t worry – it’s organized in a way that won’t overwhelm you – because that would kinda be against the point, right?

Where does the AIC community meet?

Our private community gathers on Mighty Networks — away from the distractions and privacy concerns of social media. A handy mobile app makes our safe space easy to access from anywhere. 

Wait...What the heck is AIP?

The AIP Diet is a temporary healing elimination and reintroduction strategy specifically for those with autoimmune disease. The main idea of the diet is to remove foods proven by scientific studies to commonly be problematic for those with autoimmune disease, then add in nutrient-dense foods that will help replenish your body and allow you to heal (which means relief from your symptoms!). In the end, you’ve got a highly customized diet that works best for YOU.

There are a few versions of AIP. Which one are you focused on, Michele?

Great question! The one I practice and teach is the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol. This version was developed by Dr. Sarah Ballantyne and is a subset of the Paleo Diet.

However, it really doesn’t matter much – the differences between the versions aren’t huge and all of the resources within Th Autoimmune Collective will help you no matter what version you’re on.

I’m already doing AIP -- will this help me?

100% Absolutely! Not only will the recipes, freezer meal plans, and videos help you make what you’re doing easier and more manageable; The AIC will provide you with the additional resources that will help you make this a lifestyle that enables you to thrive well beyond the kitchen.

It’s not like you finish doing AIP and your life magically just changes – you need to break bad habits, learn new ones that will support your health long term, and find ways to make it all sustainable long term. That’s what the whole other half of The Autoimmune Collective is for – and could help literally anyone, but is geared specifically for people with autoimmune disorders.

What makes you, Michele, the best person to learn from?

I’m an AIP Certified Health Coach who used AIP to help my own autoimmune diseases, but also hundreds of others in the 8+ years that I’ve been doing this. I’m also a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (and on my way to be a Certified QiGong teacher, NLP Practioner, and EFT practitioner). I’m constantly learning and keeping up on the latest data and research in health and mindbody connection as it relates to autoimmune disease. I’m also an empath who’s been in your shoes.

When is the perfect time to start AIP?

Truth: There will never be a magical, perfect time where you have no other obligations, no stress, and plenty of free time to dedicate to your wellbeing. Start with small steps, and with AIC, we’ll make it easier for you to free up time and increase your energy through a healthy, manageable lifestyle change. 

What if I’m not willing to restrict what I eat?

If someone told you you could stop feeling miserable from your symptoms by eating a wide variety of delicious and colorful fruits and vegetables, meats, seafoods, and fats, what would you think? Yes, the AIP Diet is restrictive when compared to a Standard American Diet. However, if you look at it from the other way – that you GET to eat a whole bunch of fruits, veggies, meats, seafoods, and fats, it’s really quite abundant. 🙂

Is this just for the AIP diet?

The food-related resources you’ll find inside AIC are specific to AIP with the exception of some of the meal prep plans – they will have some AIP reintroduction through Paleo recipes so that you can continue to use it through the reintroduction process as well. They will be WELL marked though so you won’t have to worry about accidentally using one of them during the elimination phase 🙂 All of the rest of the recipes are AIP Elimination phase-friendly though.

And then the guided meditations, hypnosis audios, and coaching videos can help anyone looking to make positive lifestyle changes and can be used while you do AIP or after – you’ll get lifetime access so you can refer back to this whenever you want to work on an area or something pops up.

I’ve got a question that’s not answered here!

I’ve likely got an answer! Don’t hesitate to reach out to [email protected] and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

"I'm on my second week but when I did my meal prep last Sunday I was not overwhelmed at all."

I’m not one who likes the kitchen but being able to throw stuff in a bag and freeze it and you only have to cook the sides, man that makes a big difference.


– Paula M

 Get the resources you need to make AIP manageable and the support you need to enjoy the journey

Lift the brain fog and feel relief from your symptoms so you can enjoy your kids’ and grandkids’ games and plays, be an active, clear-headed participant at work, thoroughly enjoy trips without worrying about canceling last minute, feel confident and in control of your health, and…genuinely laugh again.

You can feel good enough to fully participate in life again. Join us today!

"You're one day closer to regaining your health. Do it!”

– Yoana M.