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Use the Autoimmune Paleo (AIP) Diet to feel better from your autoimmune disease symptoms without sacrificing time, money, or taste!

Two women, same exact upbringing...

One was utterly exhausted all the time, frustrated that she couldn’t chase after her kids, actively participate in conversations at work (foggy thinking), and secretly worried that she’d never see her kids grow up. She felt like less of a person, hopeless that she’d never again be the vibrant woman of her past. With each new symptom that cropped up, she felt a sinking panic that she was getting worse.


The other woman was delighted to play tag with her kids, regularly participated in yoga and pilates, went on long beautiful hikes, made hundreds of clear-headed decisions each day in her business, volunteered at her kids’ school, and constantly had friends and family asking how she was able to get so much done each day. She felt carefree and lighthearted, filled with laughter and a zest for life.


Want to know something interesting?


These were the same woman.


The difference? The second woman had spent a few months on the Autoimmune Paleo Protocol (the AIP diet).


Want to know something else?


This is actually a true story. I know because this is MY story.

Hi there! I’m Michele

For years I’d suffered in silence, with doctors telling me there was nothing I could do for my symptoms and that everything was in my head.

Yet in 2014, after experiencing crushing exhaustion and tons of other symptoms that just weren’t going away, I learned I had two autoimmune diseases – Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and Celiac Disease. I then went onto the AIP Diet and started feeling better almost IMMEDIATELY.

I transitioned off of the AIP diet onto a regular Paleo diet over the course of a year, and now feel better in my 40’s than I did in my 20’s.  

These days I’m a health coach, blogger, and YouTube creator, helping thousands of women find relief from their autoimmune disease symptoms through diet and lifestyle. 

Through all of my work, I’ve learned what works the best to make a BIG difference in the lives of those suffering from autoimmune disease – for the long term.

I believe you deserve to have the vibrancy you want, a zest for life, and most of all- feel FANTASTIC to enjoy those valuable moments with the people you love, doing the things you love.



Do you…


* Look at the foods to avoid and wonder WHAT the heck you’d actually be able to eat?

* Feel totally lost on how and where to start?

* Wonder how you’d be able to do it AND feed your picky family at the same time?

* Feel convinced you’d never have the energy or time to make the meals?

* Think travel, eating out, and eating over friend’s and family’s houses is out?

* Get confused by the tricky reintroduction procedure?

* Wish you could connect with others going through the same thing for support and inspiration?

* Wonder if you’ll just go back to your old habits after you go through this?


You want to use the AIP diet to feel better and know that it’ll help, but you’re just not sure how to do it without the overwhelm and all these things holding you back.
I totally get this struggle (and have gone through it myself). So I created something that will make this SO much easier for you



I created this membership to make it incredibly easy for you to learn how to do the AIP Diet – and then actually go DO it to start feeling better as soon as possible. Knowledge, clarity, specific direction, support, and inspiration all guide you along the way. 

When you’ve got a proven, clear plan, plus tons of options to keep it interesting and easy, managing your autoimmune disease symptoms through diet and lifestyle becomes a lot less overwhelming.


Instead of spending time frustrated, trying to make sure you’re “doing it right”, and obsessed with food all the time, you can spend your time doing the things you love. Have the peace of mind to know that preparing the nutrient-dense food is really no big deal and that it’s not nearly as hard as you thought to stay on track to getting your quality of life back.

"I just wanted to let you know that I am LOVING the membership! "

The batch cooking and other recipe plans alone are worth the cost of admission, not to mention all of the other information and education available. Thank you so much for putting this together!


– Allison H


AIP Basics Classes

You’ll be clear on how to correctly do AIP from start to finish, including tricky situations and the entire reintroduction process, so you can start feeling better quickly. Learn via video classes (with alternative audio download) and beautifully designed guides and cheat sheets.

Plus you’ll learn how to make some Paleo/AIP-specific items like tigernut butter and milk, coconut whipped cream, coconut milk, and homemade broth.

Freezer Cooking Plans

One of the hardest parts of a restrictive diet? Getting dinner ready on those nights you’re super busy. With these family-friendly freezer cooking plans, you just put a bunch of ingredients in a bag and freeze. Then when you need them you simply just thaw and throw into a slow cooker, Instant Pot, or pot on the stove. Easy peasy. These especially have been tested out on several families to make sure they were approved by both kids and adults who are NOT on AIP – making your life so much simpler.

Recipes & Meal Plans

No need to spend hours of your time each week looking for what you should eat – and being bored with what you find. Use the included recipes to plan out your nutrient-dense meals in a snap, with dishes your whole family will love or that won’t take you much more time to make just for yourself. Or use the done-for-you meal plans to just go to the store, shop, and follow the recipes to eat the meals that will help you heal.

Guided Meditations and Hypnosis

I’ve learned through a lot of mistakes with my own autoimmune disease journey that you can do something like AIP, heal, feel fantastic, and then fall right back into your old ways and habits. Then the symptoms come creeping back. It’s the WORST feeling and one that is extremely frustrating after putting all that time and effort into a restrictive diet. However, mindset work, through things like guided meditation and hypnosis has been instrumental in allowing me freedom from cravings, past emotions that kept me from healing, and dealing with day-to-day stressors. I’m sharing everything I’m learning with you. I even became a Certified Hypnotherapist so I can make you audios! Each month you get one new guided meditation and one new hypnosis audio based on the theme of the month.

Monthly Videos

Each month I release a video on the theme of the month that helps you in your journey towards health. Past topics have included what an ideal AIP plate looks like, how to get over the fear or discouragement of starting AIP, and actionable tactics on how to overcome overwhelm stress. 

These videos are specifically tailored for those suffering from autoimmune disease, so no fluff and all stuff that will help you during AIP and beyond.


Have access to a private members-only community where everyone is either doing AIP or getting ready to. They’re serious about using diet and lifestyle to feel better from their autoimmune disease symptoms. You can ask questions, get support and inspiration, share recipes and tips, and feel a part of something awesome! No need to feel alone in your quest to feel better any longer!

Every time I used to get an autoimmune flare, I knew I should do AIP but dreaded the restrictions and difficulty. There HAD to be a better way. That’s why I created this membership – it’s from realizing that it CAN be easy and you can quickly get the cooking done and still have tons of time to spend with your family and doing the things you love


Each month you can expect the following:

• 1 new AIP food resource – these typically are either:

a Dump-and-Go Freezer Meal Plan (dump uncooked ingredients into a bag and freeze)

Meal Plan (with Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and snacks),

Batch Cooking Plan (prep a bunch of meals in one 2-hour session)

Recipe Book (past examples have been an AIP Burgers book, and AIP Mocktails book, Easy AIP Sides book, etc)

• 1 new Guided Meditation

• 1 new Hypnosis Audio

• 1 new coaching Video on the monthly theme


• access to our private, members-only community (not on Facebook)


• ability to opt-in to receive daily really short 1-2 line inspirational and educational emails about making AIP easier, the whys behind AIP, autoimmune disease, and mindset

***In addition, the moment you join you’ll have access to 1 full year of content as well as the entire “How to Do AIP” course, cooking classes, and recipes. This includes over SIX Dump-and-Go Freezer Meal plans and several done-for-you meal plans!!

"Made this much easier than it would otherwise have been!"

Since joining the Autoimmune Collective, my path of healing has been helped tremendously.  Having information about the Autoimmune Protocol with trustworthy resources of nutrition (recipes, meal prep, the diet itself, reintroductions, etc.), and stress and rest management at my fingertips, is such an important part of this journey. Having a community of people to share difficulties, successes, and information, has been a lifeline in my success thus far. And having Michele Spring, so helpful, knowledgeable, and caring has truly been made this much easier than it would otherwise have been. It’s been such a great investment in my journey to healing.


– Tracy Q

View What's Inside + What's Coming

What’s exactly do you get when you join? See exactly what’s inside the membership portal and what’s in store for the coming months. I know you’ll be excited!

Here’s a quick video of what the site looks like inside!

"Thanks for all your help!!"

I’m on my second week but when I did my meal prep last Sunday I was not overwhelmed at all. I’m not one who likes the kitchen but being able to throw stuff in a bag and freeze it and you only have to cook the sides, man that makes a big difference.


– Paula M

You can either save time, money, and your sanity or keep trying to figure AIP out all on your own, spending a ton of time cooking, and suffering from symptoms. What are you going to do?

"I am blessed that I found Michele"

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto Thyroiditis in 2017 after years of having symptoms of fatigue, body aches, brain fog, bloating and digestion issues. In 2018 I started eliminating gluten. Despite that I had a horrible Thyroiditis flare in early 2019. I was looking at you tube videos in March 2019 on Hashimoto disease and came upon one of Michele Springs videos. When I watched it I felt like I was looking at myself in the mirror. The video led me to her Thriving on Paleo website, and closed Facebook group. After doing more research I determined I needed and was ready to start on the AIP Elimination diet to try to improve my symptoms, disease, and feel better. It was at that point that I discovered Michele’s Autoimmune Collective program and decided to join it so that I would have the benefit of working with an Autoimmune Wellness Coach who could answer my questions and be another layer of support and encouragement. She has valuable tools and information on the site to guide you through the diet. If you pose a question, she always answers you. Besides Michele I have met so many others on the closed Facebook group just like me and we support each other. I am blessed that I found Michele.  I am still on my AIP journey but I am feeling the best I have in almost 5 months! 


– Jeannette H


Q. What is the Autoimmune Collective?

A. The Autoimmune Collective is a monthly online subscription that makes it easy and fun to follow the Autoimmune Paleo Protocol (AIP Diet) to help with autoimmune disease symptoms. You get access to a course on everything you need to know to do the AIP Diet effectively plus all sorts of resources to make it easier, less time consuming, less expensive, and more delicious. Each month you’ll get more resources within the membership portal!

Q. What if I want to cancel my membership?

A. You can cancel at any time through your account dashboard. Canceling means you won’t be charged for any future month.

Q. Is the Autoimmune Collective for me?

A. If you’re committed to feeling better from your autoimmune disease symptoms and want to see if diet and lifestyle changes can help, then the Autoimmune Collective is for you. You can learn everything you need to do in one place from a trusted source.

However, if giving up some of your favorite foods for several months to feel better is out of the question, this probably isn’t for you.

Q. How is the Autoimmune Collective delivered?

Everything can be accessed from the membership portal! You just log in and access all of the online classes, guides, cheat sheets, batch cooking plans, freezer cooking plans, and recipes. You can access it from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. You can also download the audio from any online class as well as any of the printable guides and handouts and save them on your devices.

Q. How much time will this take each month?

A. This is totally up to you! Even though the AIP Course is a “course”, it’s a self-guided training where you watch what you need to start or continue where you are on AIP. In the beginning you may watch more of the online training to get a handle on the diet and what you need to do. Then as you become confident in how to do it, you may spend less time watching the training and more time using the provided batch cooking and freezer cooking plans. Then as you get towards the Reintroduction process you may again need to watch the online training to understand the process. The videos, however, are usually between 4-15 minutes each and organized in the order you’ll follow on AIP.

Q. I'm already doing AIP - will this help me?

A. DEFINITELY. You can take advantage of the recipes, freezer cooking plans, batch cooking/meal plans, as well as watching the videos on Tricky Situations such as Travel, Dining Out, and Dining Over Friend’s and Family’s houses. The guided meditations and hypnosis audios will help you to have lifelong success from cravings and to help with the emotions that prevent you from healing and running right back to your old habits. Plus the Reintroduction section should also be helpful.

As time goes on, I’ll also be adding more subjects that aren’t even detailed here yet.

Q. Is this JUST for the AIP Diet?

A. At the moment, yes, at least food-wise. 

However, the guided meditations, hypnosis audios, coaching videos, etc can help anyone and what you immediately get access to it WELL worth the price of admission. Many other sites charge upwards of $14.99 per EACH meditation and hypnosis audio, but you’ll get access to 15 of the previous ones instantly.

Q. What if I want to upgrade my membership? (Or downgrade)

A. Switching between membership levels is easy to do within your membership portal account page. However, the Gold level does have a maximum capacity so there is a chance it’ll be full and therefore unavailable to switch to.