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Micro Workouts

Does the idea of working out/exercising strike you with about as much motivation as getting a cavity filled? Or maybe you don’t have time to work out? Or perhaps you’re so tried or in pain that doing a traditional workout is just not in the cards.

Micro workouts are amazing for being able to get little bursts of movement throughout your day that can work muscles in your whole body. These literally are 30-seconds to like 2-minutes max, and you can just fit them in whenever:

• While brushing your teeth

• while waiting for water to boil

• while waiting in line

• if you need a quick brain break

• if you suddenly feel a little energy – but not enough for a whole workout

• while traveling

So many options. Just do what you can, don’t push yourself too hard, and have fun!

The videos below are a few of my favorite micro workouts.

Please keep in mind that I’m not a personal trainer – these are just suggestions and if you have questions you should consult a trainer or your doctor before starting any of these.

Arm Lifts

Bicep Curls

Calf Raises

Countertop Pushups

Downward Dog


Seated Leg Lifts

Stomach Suck-ins

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