Facebook Group Rules

The Autoimmune Collective Group Rules & Conditions

In order to keep the the Autoimmune Collective community as positive and supportive as possible, we’ve created some group rules to preserve the incredible quality of the posts and value shared inside.


Please note by requesting to join the group and being approved into the group, you automatically agree to the rules below.


1. Read the “pinned post” announcement at the top of the group upon approval. This will give you an introduction to who Michele Spring is, why she created the group, and what the group is all about. You’ll get a great idea of whether this group is for you or not, and you can grab an incredible freebie to help you feel less tired all the time.


2. BE KIND, POSITIVE & UPLIFTING. This is a support group. No negative nancies, bullies, or rudeness will be tolerated in this space. If you have nothing nice to say to another member, please just remove yourself from the group.


3. Venting every so often is OK. We all want to feel better but get frustrated from time to time and this is a safe space to get out your frustrations with your disease and restricted diet. But for every post or comment you make venting, make sure you make a positive one somewhere else. This keeps the group positive and actually helps you feel better too.


4.  Please SHARE VALUE that you have to give. If you have tips, recipes, uplifting stories or found an interesting link that you’d think everyone would find intriguing, we want to hear about it.  Above all, this is a COMMUNITY.


5. No self-promotion, please. We want to keep this a positive support community and when people start promoting their own content, it can get confusing to members. This includes any MLM stuff as well as sharing a link to your own website. If you’re a blogger that has relevant information to share, please DM Michele first and ask for permission to post. Chances are, if she thinks it’s of value, she’ll allow it, but without prior permission, she will remove the post.


6. Please NO Livestreaming in this group. Because livestreams are difficult to screen for rule breaking and are done in real time, we decided to protect the group by eliminating all livestreams from other members other than Michele Spring.


7. This one is the most important rule of them all: Have a ton of fun. This group has the potential to forever change your thinking and provide you with more support in your journey than you ever imagined. Use it to your advantage! Ask questions, share your experiences, let us know what you’re working on, provide your best tips, and feel free to share inspirational articles, videos, blogs, and images that do NOT redirect to your website or offerings (unless you’ve cleared it with Michele first).


IMPORTANT: If you think that a member broke a rule, please report their post to Michele Spring, and NOT to Facebook. That way, it will allow me to check out the post from my end and remove it if needed. Reporting it to Facebook doesn’t do anything but flag the post for their review.


If you have agreed to the rules of the group, we would LOVE to welcome you inside the incredible, supportive, inspirational community.